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2020/03/27 14:59:53

I’ve been training at Cranbourne Fitness 24/7 for a couple of years now whenever I’m In Melbourne, i love the great vibe at the gym and the people are amazing. Shattered that they have had to close their doors for a while but it’s in everyone’s best interest to stay home and be safe right now and equally as important to stay active. These guys have you covered with their new online training platform, it will keep you active with daily workouts, nutrition tips and keep you connected to a community of like minded people. So please get behind them, go to their website and subscribe @cranbourne_fitness247 For just $1 a day, it’s the best investment you can make for yourself right now #onelove#stayhome www.cranbournefitness247.com.au

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2020/03/18 16:04:18

Just for a laugh! But Honestly hope everyone is safe out there much ❤️ #dadbar #toletpaper

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2020/03/02 16:02:56

Last year on October the 13th I decided to change my lifestyle because of my Dad’s #cancer I stopped drinking alcohol and also stopped eating meat and chicken. I become a pescatarian. I feel much more energetic and my body recovers more efficiently after each daily training session.. even after 16 rugby related surgeries on my body. I just wanted to remind people to always do your research, it’s so important knowing exactly what we are putting into our bodies #justmyopinion #livehealthy #fcancer

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2020/02/28 10:20:53

Other side of the family #papalii

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2020/02/27 05:32:51

Me #frenchie is a big boy now 😎 #20monthsold

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2020/02/23 18:06:42

Always have time for you both @zyius_ioane @laylahali_ioane Until next time 😎 love #uncle

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2020/02/20 09:51:48

Always Grateful for looking after my family, Specially mum @mariannaguirguis1979 thank you ❤️ #melbourne

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2020/01/08 06:33:09

I’ have never seen this at a funeral. But You Showed me a sign that you’re still alive.... thanks family and friends for coming it was awesome seeing you guys. #muchlove #3174 🙏

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2020/01/03 05:43:36

Dads service... Family service:Monday 6th Jan @6pm Burial service:Tuesday 7th Jan @ 11am Held at St Anthony Parish 90 Buckley Street Noble Park Burial @ Springvale Botanical Garden cemetery..

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2019/12/30 06:05:57

Love you Dad! Just glad you met Mathis b4 you went. I will see you soon. #3174 #RIP

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2019/12/24 20:37:14

Merry Christmas to you all my friends, spread love and stay safe! ❤️🙏

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2019/11/23 18:36:27

I love my son more then anything. I’ll do whatever it takes to make sure he is raised the right way ❤️ #lilfrenchie

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