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A week ago, I couldnt stand the sight of a plant. I thought being able to provide endless plant knowledge to the world gave me purpose. A walking “Google of Plants”. I booked every free hour I had. I monetized my passion & couldnt figure out why it was no longer special. As an artist, I fell into the never ending hole of “produce & stay relevant” without actually liking what I was creating. I’m making some changes, being intentional about my craft & protecting my space. A reminder to all the artists and entrepreneurs to take care of yourself & protect your art. The relevance of your craft is not and never will be your value. 📷x @joyimani
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There's nothing like a Bulter sink in a brilliant boot room. This Brooklyn townhouse has been decked out by @plainenglishkitchens and features clever glazed sliding doors, which glide effortlessly on oak runners, with tongue and groove boarding and a smart oak worktop 🍊 ____________________________ #ihavethisthingwithhome #timesproperty #thetimes #kitchen #bootroom #WeArePlainEnglish #pantry #shelfie #greykitchen #grey #graykitchen #oakkitchen #oak #oakworktop #homeinspiration #londondesign #butler #butlersink #scullery #brooklyndesign #brassfaucet #tongueandgroove #brassware #brasstap
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Coasters we made for @beaubklyn that are inspired by letters written to loved ones back home
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Happy 4th July. It will be every year from now to miss and pray for the people who passed away due to covid 19. #bedstuy #ceramics #surfacedesign #homedecor #interiordesign #nycxdesign #brooklyndesign #陶芸 #花器 #japaneseceramics #houseplantclub #houseplants #cutflowers
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2020 BID graduates in Professor Tim Richartz's class designed furniture pieces for the @brooklynmuseum . Inspired by works in the Museum, students aimed to design pieces that could better connect visitors to the art on display. Here are some of these inspiring works! 1) Qingyun Gu's 'Clutch Bench' Clutch is a bench project in the form of hands. Inspired by an Egyptian art piece currently in the museum, it increases visitors’ interest in the Egyption exhibit while also providing visitors an opportunity to sit, reflect and connect with other visitors or family members during their time in the Museum. 2)  Yuanzhang Hao's ' Scholar's Table' The Scholar's table is designed to slow museum visitors down by putting them into the role of archeologist. By giving them the chance to look into artworks with enlarged details, the system provides possibility for a better learning and viewing experience.   3) Stephanie, Sze Nga Wong's 'Canopic Jar' This project is inspired by the Egyptian Collection in the Brooklyn Museum. Its goal is to reveal the mystery within Egyptian Canopic Jars, typically associated with burial in ancient Egypt. There are four Canopic Jars that can be opened to reveal the secrets inside the jars, providing visitors with an interactive experience that better facilitates learning. 4) Yuyang Peng's project 'RISING' RISING is an ancient Egypt style winged totem designed to increase the interactive experience at the Brooklyn Museum. At about 1.9 meters tall, the piece includes a circular mirror and pair of adjustable wings which the visitors can adjust according to their height and take a selfie in front of.    5) Xue Yang's 'The Rebirth' This project uses lighting to create an interactive installation representing Ancient Egyptian beliefs regarding the female rebirth process and gender transformation after death. In ancient Egypt, women were not capable of reaching the afterlife - so they had to temporarily become males before being reborn. Color plays a vital role in ancient Egyptian funeral art, with red representing males, and yellow representing females. Using these colors, Xue's design visualizes this transformation from female to male.
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