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[Anzeige] hi there 👀 my face when weekend is right around the corner #weekend / outfit @gymshark #gymshark #workout #fitness
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What I think of Skinny Teas and fat loss products They are absolute rubbish. You become over weight because you have over eaten, so the only way to lose weight is to put yourself in a calorie defecit. You did not gain weight from drinking the wrong type of tea. These fat loss products not only do not work but are damaging peoples mental health I have seen a lot of celebs and people with large followings endorsing them, young people who look up to them think that is how they achieved their results and so think that is what they should be taking And are being sold a fake dream. A lot of these fat loss products are just laxatives They are telling their followers that they have gotten into the shape by consuming these products which is not the case They are doing this for the paycheck and These companies are praying on peoples insecurities Please feel free to share with someone who needs to hear <3 . . . . . #health #bodybuilder #instafit #healthychoices #nutritioncoaching #nutritionadvice #fitness #fitgoals #fitspiration #fitgram #fitnessblog #fitspo #fitnessguru #fitspo #fitspot #fitsport #fitfam #fitfamde #fitfamlife #instafitness #fitnessinspo #fitfam #swoleisthegoal #performancenutrition #gettinginshape #fitnessaddicts #femalemotivation #fitnessgram #sffitness #fitspor
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You know when you meet someone and you feel like you’ve been best friends your whole life? THIS GIRL right here! She is beautiful inside and out, smart, and so kind! So lucky to have her in my life! We are going to do HUGE amazing things together Tay! 💓 • • Also these sets from @acta.wear are SO cute and beyond comfy! The best part is you have the option of 4 different charities to choose from and a portion of your purchase goes to your favorite! You guys know I LOVE giving back! 💛 Check them out!
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E aí, topa o desafio? 💪👈 - - - - - - #desafios #exercíciosemcasa #fitness #emagrecer
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Learn more about our bomb Fit Goddess girl gang. @literally_literal31 is a beauty and a beast 💪🏾❤️🏋🏾‍♀️ Nicole keeps us on our toes trying find her waist...this goddess is #snatched . Her smile and positivity are contagious 🥰 Nicole has been apart of Fit Goddess since 10/2019 and she’s is loving every min of it ❤️ What do I like about Fit Goddess? 1. I like that being a Goddess is an entire lifestyle change. Erica not only makes sure we take care of ourselves physically, but mentally too. She cares about our overall health-mind, body and spirit, which I think is the key to being able to reach your fitness goals. Erica makes sure we don’t lose sight of our goals through encouragement and accountability. What were your top 3 lifestyle challenges prior to joining Fit Goddess? 2. Prior to joining Fit Goddess I struggled with nutrition and my overall health. Food and body image have always been touchy subjects for me. I was also very lazy 🤣🤣🤣🤣 How has Fit Goddess helped you overcome those challenges? 3. Fit Goddess has helped me to understand my body and how to nourish it properly. Maintaining the proper diet with exercise allows me to be proud of my body. There is also a certain level of self disciple that is required to maintain a workout regiment and working with Erica has helped me to maintain that. #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitgoddess #virtualtraining #workout #virtualpersonaltrainer #healthylifestyle #realwomenrealchanges #womenempowerment
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