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Finally here! / Por fin llegó 🙌🏼😷 @o2canada #o2curve
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#blackouttuesday ✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿
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NEW @youtube VIDEO 📺 Visiting the amazing Cave of the Crystals (Naica) in Chihuahua with my brother @javierpoza 👷🏽‍♂️⛑💎 / NUEVO VIDEO DE #YOUTUBE 📺 Visitando la increíble Mina de Naica en Chihuahua con mi hermano #javierpoza 👷🏽‍♂️⛑💎 LINK IN BIO
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‪YES! JACKIE’s ex is BACK! If you missed last night’s episode of @broke follow the link to @cbsallaccess 👉🏼 https://bit.ly/3dJECdv 👈🏼 This and ALL of our episodes are also available on multiple platforms and streaming services 😉🎉 @cbstv @cbstvstudios #broke #CBS #CBSAllAccess‬
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Very rarely will I give the world such a generous gift, but because we have an all new episode of @broke tomorrow, I give you the gift of @kylebornheimer2075 #youarewelcome ... 🤣🤣 But really, Kyle is brilliantly funny and we’re lucky enough to have him on the show @cbstv #broke 🙌🏼🎉🥳
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To #georgefloyd’s family: May God bless you with the strength and wisdom your heart needs right now to endure this unimaginable pain. I pray for justice and I wish that the whole weight of the law lands upon his brutal murderer. If you have one ounce of empathy and humanity in your soul, please don’t look away, share, repost and make sure there is #justiceforgeorgefloyd
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Gorgeous day ☀️🌊🛥 #beneteaulife #beneteau @beneteau_official @sma_yachts with Mr. Q, @miggygala and @johnjuniper 😎 t-shirt by @30secondstomars 🙌🏼 #marsmerch
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NEW @youtube VIDEO 📺 Chatting with @maunieto (who doesn’t know how to frame a shot) @danielsosafado and @matisse_mx ’s @torres_roman 🤣😂 / NUEVO VIDEO DE #YOUTUBE 📺 Cotorreando con #maunieto (que no sabe cómo encuadrar una cámara) #danielsosa y #romantorres de #matisse 🤣😂 LINK IN BIO
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‪No estoy festejando que hoy hay nuevo episodio de @broke como @cuauhtemocblancopsd , es más bien como @usainbolt 😳🥳😂🙌🏼 Nos vemos a las 9:30pm en @cbstv Costa Oeste / See you in a little bit West Coast, #usainbolt style 🎉 #BROKE ! 9:30pm on #CBS @cbstvstudios
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‪No JAVI, don’t demonstrate, you might hurt yourself 🤦🏽‍♂️🤣 See you tonight! @broke , 9:30/8:30c on @cbstv 🙌🏼 / No JAVI, mejor no demuestres, no te me vayas a herniar 🤦🏽‍♂️🤣 Nuevo #BROKE hoy! 9:30/8:30c en #CBS @cbstvstudios
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‪Yeah JAVI, I don’t think soccer is your forte... 😂🥴🤕 Don’t miss tonight’s all new episode of @broke ! 9:30/8:30c on @CBStv 🙌🏼 / Definitvamente no creo que el fútbol sea el fuerte de JAVI... 😂🥴🤕 Nos vemos esta noche a las 9:30pm en #broke por #CBS @cbstvstudios
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